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A Budget Running Stroller To Help Mom And Dad Get Back Into Shape

Graco has long been known for their highly rated infant car seats, but they also make quality strollers as well. The FastAction Fold Jogger implements the same commitment to quality as their other products. Featuring a fully-rotating front wheel that can be locked into place by simply flipping a switch, this jogging stroller also offers the capability to fold down in one second for supreme convenience. Running with a stroller is a fantastic activity for everyone and this model lets you take full advantage of all of the benefits.

As one of the least expensive models on most top 10 lists, the FastAction Fold jogger offers a lot of the features that serious runners want in a jogging stroller, but at a more affordable price point. While not the highest rated jogger that we have reviewed, it has received some pretty nice remarks from owners who seemed pleased with the overall value this unit has provided them.

Product Features

Lockable Swiveling Front Wheel: Graco’s FastAction Fold Jogger is equipped with an efficient three-wheel design that features a swiveling front wheel for better maneuverability. When unlocked, the front wheel allows parents to turn the stroller to any direction, therefore avoiding obstacles, making fast maneuvers if needed and turning even the tightest corners. If you are buying this particular model for jogging, the front wheel is lockable, thus providing steadier support for your baby during your most intense exercise routines.

Multi-Position Reclining Seat: As with most jogging strollers out there, the seat of the FastAction Fold Jogger can be reclined to several positions, ranging from upright to nearly flat. Not only will this allow your little one to stay comfortable, but it will also facilitate restful sleep when strolling. Furthermore, the seat comes with plush padding that makes it more comfy, as well as a five-point harness system that will keep your baby perfectly safe and secure.

One-Second Fold: The FastAction Fold Jogger stands out particularly due to its convenient one-second fold, which will permit you to make the stroller more compact in size in an instant. To fold it, parents will have to simply pull on the folding/unfolding strap – the stroller will fold down making it simple to transport and store. All of this can be done with one hand.

Air-Filled Rubber Tires: This jogging stroller features air-filled tires that have been specifically engineered to make any ride significantly smoother. Whether you are going on paved or unpaved trails, through grass or uneven terrain, the performance of this stroller will never be affected, keeping your child comfortable, stable and preventing discomfort caused by bumpy roads.

What Do Owners Like About the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger?

There are several reasons this is one ranks so high in current jogging stroller ratings and these include:

Good Control: Due to the fully-rotating front wheel, the FastAction Fold Jogger offers parents complete control over its maneuverability and movements. Whether turning corners, avoiding obstacles or making fast maneuvers, this jogging stroller is going to perform well. If necessary, the swiveling front wheel can be locked forwards to avoid turning to any direction, offering stability when the terrain is bumpy, or when you want to go running. Owners generally like how the front wheel operates.

Sun Canopy: Having a quality sun canopy is critical especially during summer, when temperatures go beyond normal limits. This unit features a large sun canopy that aims to completely protect your little one from direct sunlight, preventing sunstroke and harmful extended exposure to the sun.

Durable and Easy to Clean Fabric: According to several customers, Graco’s FastAction Fold Jogger features durable fabrics that can resist stains. The fabric can be easily wiped to remove stains and dirt, but it can also be washed in the washing machine for a more complete cleaning.

Simple to Fold: The simple-to-fold frame of this Graco stroller is another particular advantage many parents have appreciated after using it. Since you will only have to pull on the folding/unfolding strap, the process is going to be extremely simple, without consuming too much time.

What Could Be Better?

Heavy Construction: One of the primary drawbacks many customers complained about was the heaviness of this jogging stroller, which hampered its maneuverability. Even when you fold it, the stroller will be quite heavy and difficult to carry, which can have a negative impact on your overall experience.

Handlebar Not Adjustable: Parents might have a hard time pushing this stroller due to the fact that, unlike other jogging strollers, this one does not come with an adjustable handlebar. If you are not tall enough, the handlebar might be positioned too high, which is going to worsen your strolling experience considerably.

Bottom Line

For the price, the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger has a lot to offer. It has a lot of the features that the other models on our list have, only at a much better starting price. Despite its drawbacks it has gotten pretty decent ratings from owners. It continually receives scores in the low 4’s out of 5 stars.

Martha M.